To launch a vibrant tourism galleria which would beproposal essay ideas a show room designed to attend to the need of tourism, arts African cuisine and the authentic culture of the Nigerian people.


To foster peaceful co-existence among Nigerians known to be rich in multicultural diversity, authentic arts and craft, unimaginable breath taking architecture and great people with unique life style. We are out to promote peace, tolerance and Unity in Nigeria using the elementarticle critique example apas of culture, tourism and dialogue. These will be achieved via the direct connections we have lined up –users will be exposed to one on one interaction and a first-hand touch of the core beauty of Mother Nature in their neighbourhood and all hotspots across Nigeria.


To afford our users the opportunity of exploring the abundant cultural diversity, hospitality and the uniqueness of the life style of the Nigerian people.

To promote culture and tourism as a tool, to foster peace and unity in Nigeria through what we termed the new Nigerian dream…

Through art, we will challenge many of our society’s deepest assumptions, built upon the power of artistic creation and expression to: spark new ideas, catalyse critical thinking, elicit new actions, inspire individuals, and create visions.

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